About D & P Communications

Learn more about D & P Communications, from our humble beginnings, to where we are today as one of the area's leading service providers.


The Deerfield Farmers Telephone Company Began in 1898

The company’s history goes back to 1898, when the Deerfield Farmers Telephone Company was first organized. The company was incorporated eight years later. It was during the 1990s that the company started offering cable television and Internet services. That’s also when the company became known as D & P Communications.

It was also during the 1990s that D & P began constructing its extensive fiber optic network throughout Lenawee County and parts of Monroe County. As its network and service areas have continued to expand through the 2000s and 2010s, aggressive investments have been made to ensure that the fiber infrastructure connecting service areas is well-resourced, secure, and capable of providing industry leading quality of service.


Developing an Advanced Fiber Optic Network

Throughout its history, and continuing into the 2010s, D & P has also made substantial investments in the types of services its customers receive over its network.

Most recently, D & P upgraded the equipment throughout its wireline markets so that residential customers can now receive up to 1 GBPS of Internet capacity.

Also, D & P customers are able to now take advantage of over 290 of the industry’s best cable channels with Video-On-Demand and will soon have other advanced features, such as TV Everywhere.


The Fastest Internet Speeds Available In Our Communities

D & P has become the preferred option for many local businesses. The company focuses on redundancy and buries its facilities rather than installing them aerially, which is a great fit for those requiring added security and increased up time.

Today, D & P provides services in Petersburg, Deerfield, Blissfield, Dundee, Adrian, Britton, Hudson, Tecumseh, Morenci, Clinton and many more communities, with new areas coming online all the time. The company has five local offices in Adrian, Dundee, Petersburg, Blissfield and Tecumseh.


Connecting to Our Community

Our community partners are a key element of our brand. D & P Communications is honored to work with over 200 local organizations and associations, including:

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